Where to Launch your Startup [Infographic]

Hackathon/Ideation Workshops

These are great for anyone wanting insight into the entrepreneurial world. It’s a melting pot of ideas, skills and always a lot of fun! You will often be given a particular theme such as sustainability or tech education. You’ll get to hear from speakers, get some mentoring, put together a lean canvas and pitch.

Tip:  Be well rested! Hackathons are fast-paced and you’ll find yourself getting swept up in problem-solving. Teamwork is vital.


Bootcamps can take all shapes and forms and borrow from other programs. They can be as specific of generalist as they like.

Tip: Usually you pay to attend, so make sure to do your research on the program and make sure it’s right for you.

Accelerators and Incubators

 Sometimes these words are used interchangeably and sometimes they are used falsely.

Traditionally an incubator program is less-structured and provides you with desk space, workshops and can last for an indefinite time. Think of it like an entrepreneurship-in-residence. Accelerators are serious full-time schedule where you will go through a structured program and usually end with pitching to investors.

Tip: Programs can be highly competitive. Not all accelerators or incubators are created equal so be clear about what the arrangement expects of you and what your goals are.


Launching your startup




http://monashseed.org/incubator/ (Monash students only)



www.fya.org.au (under 30’s only)

https://startupvictoria.com.au/  (includes list of investors/financing)


Startup Lawyers for Startups (Melbourne)

Finding a lawyer can be overwhelming. Especially, when you’re trying to explain your innovative idea while and they start putting up the red tape. More and more, firms are popping up that work exclusively with start-up companies and they understand the frustrations that you can have when at the beginning of your venture. In no particular order, see our list below:
Law Squared 

Griffith Hack

General Standards


Clearpoint Counsel 



Other useful sources

Allens – A practical way to incorporate, get basic contract with some free content etc



Open Source Resources

A short list of my favorite tools to help you start your hustle:

Icon8  over 53,000 free icons, with color customization

Canva Make free social media posts, infographics and whatever else you can think of.

Pressi Upgrade you slide deck

Unsplash Royalty free stock images

These free resources don’t ask for money, just recognition. So be respectful and give credit where credit is due. After all, they are start-ups too.

For a larger more comprehensive list, see Prodcuthunt’s $0 Design Tools to Help You Create Your Next Project



Tech to Improve your Work Flow

Distraction and menial tasks all made easier.


Group work 



Google Docs



Self Control (mac only) –

Forest –

Be Limitless



Email Efficiency 

Email notifications


Batch Checking Email


Tip: If you’re a constant screen scrolling, try deleting the apps you use most frequently for a while. Give yourself a detox and bring mindfulness back into your mindless scrolling.