A comprehensive and growing list of start-up terminology.

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Accelerator – A competitive program that takes helps you scale your startup fast.

Angel Investor Early stage investors of Startups, usually invest in exchange for equity.

Blockchain A peer-to-peer managed database with various applications.

Changemakers – a nonsense word popular in startup marketing.

Fintech Financial Technology eg; blockchain or financial management apps eg; finch app


Hackathon An event either online or in person where the aim is to form teams and pitch an idea/startup by the end of the period.

Ideation The creation of ideas, typically with disruptive or innovative qualities

Incubator A Program for startups to successfully grow.

Key Performance Index A metric for measuring success, usually in sales.

Key Selection Criteria Qualities and experiences sought by employers, fellow team members

Launch Typically the time a startup product/service becomes live and accessible.

Lean Canvas A valuable exercise to break down the components of a business from supply chain to customer.

Movers and Shakers 

MVP – Minimal Viable Product

Pre- Order