Product Development

Got a fabulous idea? Your first instinct might be to get jump right in, get your business cards, go live and wake up an overnight success. Unfortunately, for most of us – it’s not so easy.


By Anna Vital via Funders and Founders

  1. Go through a Lean Canvas. you can draw your own and read more about them here.
  2. Check out or guide on where to launch your startup.
  3. Validate your idea
  4. Connect with the startup community in your city and online

A few other things to think about at early stage

  1. Law stuff
    Getting legal advice early is vital! Issues such as intellectual property, taxes and abiding with local legislation can’t always be addressed as easily later down the track. Check out our list of startup lawyers in Melbourne and
  2. Finding Your Team
    Your vision is going anywhere without the right team. Head over to Starup Guide for a quick run down on hiring.
  3. Your Work/Life Balance and Motivations
    Whilst startups are rewarding, they are exhausting! luckily we have a whole section of information to help you with that here